PhD student, University of Birmingham (Graduated 2023)

My current research interest is in synthetic dimensions in ultracold atoms and photonics, and their use in exploring topological models. More precisely, I am collaborating with experimental and theoretical colleagues in cold atoms to implement a synthetic dimesion scheme based on the eigenstates of a harmonic trap. In photonics, I am working on synthetic dimensions in arrays of optical waveguides and their use in realising a version of the quantum Hall effect. These projects involve a lot of computational work, mainly in Python and MATLAB.

Besides my research work, I work as a Postgraduate Teaching Associate on a wide range of undergraduate courses, and I am an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. I also regularly do public engagement work as part of the STEM Ambassadors scheme.

Before joining the group, I completed an MSci in Theoretical Physics at the University of Birmingham, and I worked for a time for STFC at the Rutherford-Appleton Laboratory on a scientific computing graduate training scheme.