PhD student, University of Birmingham (Graduated 2023)

My research topic is concerned with geometrical and topological observables in non-Hermitian systems. In other words, how to apply the concepts of topology known from ordinary Quantum Mechanics, to systems that are described by Hamiltonians that do not respect the constraint imposed by Hermitianity, but yet have a real spectrum. There are numerical aspects of my project that I work on using Python, Matlab and Mathematica – but I also have some experience with C++ and GNUplot.

Looking back to my undergraduate experience, I completed my B.Sc. at the University of Catania with a final work focused on theory and application of topological insulators; later I obtained the M.Sc. at the University of Catania, and defended a thesis on the Grassmannisation of the Ising model that I had written at the Ludwig-Maximilian University, Munich as an Erasmus Trainee.