Roadmap on Topological Photonics

Published in Journal of Physics Photonics, 2022

Hannah Price, Yidong Chong, Alexander Khanikaev, Henning Schomerus, Lukas J. Maczewsky, Mark Kremer, Matthias Heinrich, Alexander Szameit, Oded Zilberberg, Yihao Yang, Baile Zhang, Andrea Alu, Ronny Thomale, Iacopo Carusotto, Philippe St-Jean, Alberto Amo, Avik Dutt, Luqi Yuan, Shanhui Fan, Xuefan Yin, Chao Peng, Tomoki Ozawa, Andrea Blanco-Redondo
J. Phys. Photonics accepted (2022)

Topological photonics seeks to control the behaviour of the light through the design of protected topological modes in photonic structures. While this approach originated from studying the behaviour of electrons in solid-state materials, it has since blossomed into a field that is at the very forefront of the search for new topological types of matter. This can have real implications for future technologies by harnessing the robustness of topological photonics for applications in photonics devices. This Roadmap surveys some of the main emerging areas of research within topological photonics, with a special attention to questions in fundamental science, which photonics is in an ideal position to address. Each section provides an overview of the current and future challenges within a part of the field, highlighting the most exciting opportunities for future research and developments.