Photonic lattices of coaxial cables: flat bands and artificial magnetic fields

Christopher Oliver, Denis Nabari, Hannah M. Price, Leonardo Ricci, Iacopo Carusotto

We propose the use of networks of standard, commercially-available coaxial cables as a platform to realize photonic lattice models. As a specific example, we consider a brick wall lattice formed from coaxial cables and T-shaped connectors. We calculate the dispersion of photonic Bloch waves in the lattice: we find a repeated family of three bands, which include a flat band and two Dirac points. We then demonstrate a method to displace the Dirac points, leading to an induced artificial gauge field, and a method to energetically isolate the flat band. Our results readily suggest that the interplay of nonlinearities and non-trivial topology are a natural avenue to explore in order to unlock the full power of this proposed platform.